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Crime Channel

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A subscription to the Channel costs just £17.50 per year and this gives you access to:

  • Video resources: around 150 minutes of film.
  • Audio resources: around 70 minutes.
  • Text resources: 23 different resources, including book chapters and update materials.
  • PowerPoint resources: 28 slides and presentations

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A general overview of the different types of resource in each of the available categories.


Content in this category ranges from a complete chapter for the theme, to a variety of “Update” materials (quizzes, research synopses, items “In the News”) related to key sociological theories, concepts, issues and methods.

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These resources range from single slides designed as a high-impact visual background to the explanation of key theories and concepts to complete Presentations that can be used to introduce or illuminate a particular general theme.

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Audio materials consist of podcasts designed to provide background briefing material, talking points (comparing different theories for example), updates on new research and revision exercises.

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Film resources generally consist of short clips designed to illustrate key concepts, introduce new research and researchers and stimulate classroom discussion.

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The Crime and Deviance Channel…

is a subscription service that offers teachers and students a range of Text, PowerPoint, Audio and Video resources designed to enhance the teaching and learning of this topic.