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Crime Channel

Free Text, PowerPoint, Audio and Video resources

designed to enhance the teaching and learning of Crime and Deviance.


Content in this category ranges from a complete chapter for the theme, to a variety of “Update” materials (quizzes, research synopses, items “In the News”) related to key sociological theories, concepts, issues and methods.


These resources range from single slides designed as a high-impact visual background to the explanation of key theories and concepts to complete Presentations that can be used to introduce or illuminate a particular general theme.


Audio materials consist of podcasts designed to provide background briefing material, talking points (comparing different theories for example), updates on new research and revision exercises.


Film resources generally consist of short clips designed to illustrate key concepts, introduce new research and researchers and stimulate classroom discussion.

Crime and Deviance

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Social Theory and Crime

(Labelling / Strain / Realism)

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