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Crime Channel: Theories

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Resources in this category range from complete Textbook chapters (covering a range of sociological theories of crime and deviance) through classroom Activities to Updates that focus on particular pieces of research or outlines of contemporary theories of deviance.

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This type of resource ranges from individual “theory slides” (designed as visual background displays to accompany teacher-led exposition) to whole-class revision aides based on the “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” format.


These resources take the form of podcasts in two formats:

a. Long: This format normally contains a detailed and reasonably lengthy exposition of a particular theory, topic or issue.

b. Short: This format involves a summary of a specific theory or theoretical tradition in around 60 seconds (hence the generic title “Just A Minute”). This format is probably best-suited to introductions or summaries of sociological theories.


Resources in this category generally focus on illustrating particular concepts (such as moral panics) and theories (such as Strain).

The section also contains a short film - "What is deviant?” - suitable for introducing students to crime and deviance.

Theories of Crime and Deviance