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What is Crime and Deviance?

A starter activity designed to get students thinking about the difference between criminal,

non-criminal and deviant behaviour.

Theories of Deviance: Part 1

The first part of a complete textbook chapter that covers: Types of deviance, Functionalist, Ecological and Critical explanations.

Theories of Deviance: Part 2

The second part of a complete textbook chapter.

General Strain Theory: Part 1

(Non-subscibers can view this file)

A contemporary interpretation of traditional strain theory.

General Strain Theory: Part 2

Gender is used to demonstrate  how GST explains differences in deviant responses.

Situational Action Theory

A significant contemporary theory of deviance in the Interactionist tradition.

Street Crime

A summary of Bennett, Brookman and Wright's (2006): “A Qualitative Study of the Role of Violence in Street Crime”.

Applying Theories of Deviance

An activity designed to help students apply theories to examples of crime

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Crime Channel: Theories

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