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Alcohol, Drugs and Society

Lecture notes (including some interesting video links) from the prolific Robert Keel that look at various aspects of drug use and abuse. Although the evidential focus is on American society there's enough sociological interpretation / analysis here to make this a useful general site for A-level teachers.

Crimestoppers UK

An "Independent charity" site that specialises in passing-on anonymous information about crime to the police. As such it raises interesting questions about areas of crime - the ethics and effectiveness of this type of "crime prevention" and so forth - that can be used as the focus of classroom debate about a multitude of crime-related topics (plus, there's the added bonus of being able to check to see if any of your students feature in the "Most Wanted" category).

Criminology Interactive

This is a bit of a weird one in the sense that it's something put-out by a major American publisher (Pearson), refers to an "interactive disk" and looks / sounds like something for which you're expected to pay - yet here it is on the web in all its glorious freeness. Be that as it may, the "Interactive Experience" is designed to teach you about criminology and to do this it uses a big wodge of video (of the cheapo variety - Professors on sofas talking about things. This is generally okay but it gets a bit repetitive and ever-so-slightly dull after a while), plus assorted web pages (a kind of extended reading) and interactive tests and games - which mainly seem to be variations on drag-and-drop). This whole thing is interesting but probably flawed - the interface is over-complicated for what's on offer (but on the other hand if it's free - at least for the moment - why not give it a try?).


An American (what else?) site extolling the joys of "small government, militant individualism and the right to shoot people dead if they look at you in a funny way" (I made that last bit up). If you're looking to introduce New Right ideas about such things as decriminalisation, freedom of speech and the relationship between the State and the Individual, the "Government Doesn't Work: A Lesson in Libertarianism" essay might be helpful in bringing the topic to life (or death). There's also a short piece on "social deviance" that's probably worth a bit of discussion.

BBC Thinking Allowed Archive

Large number of podcasts / radio broadcasts  on a range of crime and deviance related topics - from the issue of CCTV in schools to various aspects of white-collar crime.

Broken Windows

The article, by Wilson and Kelling, that started a revolution (or at least quite a bit of animated discussion and a whole slew of "crime initiatives" grouped loosely under the Broken Brand).

Why We Need Broken Windows Policing

A contemporary (2015) defence of Broken Windows policing by it's original author (Kelling) and the architect of New York's "Zero Tolerance" policing (Bratton).

Critical Criminology

Wide range of text and video resources gathered under the general rubric of a "critical perspective" that includes green criminology, restorative justice and victimology.

Deviance and Social Control

Not sure if this site is being updated anymore (it's a few years old) but it contains a range of lecture notes and resources (such as statistics) on a number of different aspects of deviance and social control.

Cultural Criminology

This nice-looking site from the University of Kent brings together a range of resources (texts, research papers, videos...) under the general heading of cultural criminology - and while I'm not altogether sure what this means it all looks very interesting and is probably explained somewhere on the site. Possibly.

White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers

A pdf copy of Weisburg and Waring's 2001 book that looks at a range of different aspects of white-collar crime.

Crime Causation

Lots of Notes, plus occasional videos, on a range of different sociological theories of crime and deviance (Strain, Control, Labelling, Critical etc.).

Gender and Crime

Similar to the above (and from the same source) bit with an emphasis on Gender. And Crime, obviously.


Digital Learning for Wales

Huge range of resources here (not just for crime and deviance), mainly based around Word documents and PowerPoints.

Introductory Sociology

Simple and straightforward lecture Notes on a range of topics, including crime and deviance.

Metropolitan Police History

An informative gallery of information about numerous historical aspects of the Metropolitan Police.

London Crime Maps

An interactive map of crime in London.

Police UK

 f you need information about police forces, crimes rates etc. around the UK, this is the place to begin.

Research into Football Hooliganism

Every you wanted to know - and even more that you probably didn't - about football hooliganism. In Words and Pictures. And all presented in a very attractive and accessible way.

Secured by Design

Although this is just a police information site it does contain a lot of potentially useful information about the latest initiatives for things like target hardening, designing out crime initiatives and the like.

The Meaning of Crime

Short online course that combines text and graphics to look at the concept of crime and introduce a range of sociological explanations of crime.

Crime Prevention

UK government web site that has a range of  articles about various types of crime prevention initiatives. Mainly useful for keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing crime prevention scene.


One of the things about Wordpress Blogs is that even when they're no-longer being updated - as this one surely is not - they still persist in some kind of netherworld suspended animation. This as it turns out, is quite useful if you want some more than half-decent Notes about a wide range of crime-related areas (there are also Notes on Beliefs in Society and Sociological Theory if you're prepared to negotiate the weird and not-very-wonderful menu system).

Victorian Crime and Punishment

Take a (digital) stroll down the 19th century to learn about various forms of crime and punishment in Victorian Britain.

Right Realism

Wikipedia article covering as many aspects of Right Realism as any sane individual might reasonably want to know.


Crime and Deviance

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