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Oxford Mobility Study

Admittedly it's not the most exiting topic (or web page come to that), but if you're after information about Goldthorpe's study (and the way we viewed social mobility in the early 1970's) then this is probably as good as it gets...

Sociology 101

In basic terms, 50+ PowerPoint slides covering a range of social inequality perspectives (all the usual suspects - Functionalist, Marxism, etc.) and issues (poverty, deviance, income and so forth). If you don't want to use it as a web-based resource you can download the source file for stand-alone use...

An Overview of Social Inequality

Mike Kearl's site, although based around social inequality in the USA, contains a range of useful information and links (to both articles and useful web sites). The emphasis here is on exploration rather than the simple presentation of information (although this is what it all eventually comes down to...), so it's probably a site teachers need to map / explore for themselves before letting their students loose on it to surf with varying degrees of aimlessness...

Gender Inn

A neatly-presented site which is, in basic terms, a searchable database of records relating to " feminist theory, literary criticism and gender studies focusing on English and American literature". The site claims some 6000+ records and also contains an extensive annotated list of links to gender and women’s studies sites.

4000 Years of  Women in Science

Although this site won't win any prizes for presentation, its heart is in the right place (and it does provide non-Frames alternatives). Basically, the site provides information about female achievements in an area where their contribution is often ignored; it offers biographies, photographs, references and links for a range of female scientists, some of whom you may know (Curie, Nightingale), but most you won't (which is, after all, the point).


This charity (or Non Government Organisation) site provides an international dimension to social inequality. In addition to details about the agency's work you'll find a range of media articles, covering various aspects of developmental inequality, presented in a clear and accessible way.

Centre for Disability Studies

If you're looking for up-to-date research material on all aspects of disability studies then this is probably one of - if not the - best places to begin. The Resources section of the site contains an archive of research papers / publications mostly, it has to be said, aimed at an undergraduate level audience.


A site that mixes in-house resources with an extensive range of links to all kinds of feminism-related sites. The site itself is fairly basic but, once again, if you've an interest in feminist issues, organisations and resources this is probably a good place to start.

Women in Science, Engineering
and Technology

A short article that highlights the existence of female underrepresentation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and suggests some possible explanations for such underrepresentation. The site has an extensive range of links to various aspects of participation - from the relative numbers involved in physics to female involvement in science throughout the ages.

Social Inequality

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