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The Art of Walking

This simulation is designed to encourage students to discover the "everyday rules of social behaviour".

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The Urinal Game

A slightly-risque simulation based on Proxemic theory (personal space) that can be used to illustrate a range of sociological ideas and concepts.

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Research Methods

For My Next Trick

A simple mind-reading trick to help you teach Popper’s Hypothetico-Deductive Model of science, positivism, realism and a range of other concepts.

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Window Shopping

Simulation that can be used to introduce a practical dimension to research methods such as field or natural experiments.

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Simulacra and Hyperreality

Not so much a simulation, more a lesson outline that uses a range of practical activities to illustrate Baudrillard's concept of simulacra and link it to hyperreality.

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Trial By Jury

Use the format of a jury trail to set-up structured debates.

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The Anomie Within

A short simulation you can use to introduce Merton's concept of anomie.

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Social Inequality

Cards, Cakes and Class

Use this simulation to give students practical experience of educational inequality.

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Cultural Deprivation

This simulation is based around the idea of "language differences" and can be used to question notions of cultural deprivation in an educational context.

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The Sociological Detective

This simulation helps students understand and explain reasons for differential educational achievement.

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